PRE-GOFF FEST EVENTS: October 1 – November 6

Preceding the festival, GOFF Fest sponsor, the Tulsa Artist Coalition will display the exhibition “Bruce Goff: Continuous Present I” at the TAC Gallery. The exhibition opens on Friday, October 1 and ends on Friday, October 22.

For the whole month of October, concluding Saturday, November 6, check out the exhibit “Adah & Bruce: The Controversy Over the Design of Boston Avenue Church” at the Tulsa Historical Society, a partner of GOFF Fest.

Don’t miss Tulsa artist Alexander Tamahn, a  multidisciplinary creative and founding member of Black Moon Collective, a preeminent cohort of young Black artists in Tulsa, will create live art in the form of a chalk mural featuring a portrait of Bruce Goff.

DAY 1: Thursday, November 4

DAY 2: Friday, November 5

DAY 3: Saturday, November 6

DAY 4: Sunday, November 7